Soldiers of the Carignan-Salières Regiment, c.1665-1668


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This is the first website dedicated to researching the genealogy of the French-Canadian family Babie, Bâby, Baubie and Baubee.

The first member of the family to arrive in New France was Jacques Babie de Ranville, Sargeant of the Saint-Ours Company of the Carignan-Salières Regiment in the year 1665.

Today, there are members of the Bâby family living in Quebec, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Nevada, California and beyond.

Other variations of the name include "Baubie", "Babie", "Bauby", etc. Feel free to sign up as a new user and browse the database. I hope that you will enjoy the site.

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feature 1 Interesting Links Thanks to Jehan Bâby for this interesting link about a well-known Toronto neighbourhood.

feature 2 Bâby/Baubie DNA Project Have you been watching shows like "Who Do You Think You Are"? If you are a male with the Bâby/Baubie/Babie/Baubee surname, please consider joining our DNA project.

feature 3 Notable Bâbys of Canada Check here for stories of notable fur traders to politicians.

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